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Kandis Nelson - startmarketingsmart


Kandis Nelson knows what it’s like to be an above-average person living an average life.

From being undervalued as an employee; dealing with the nagging fear of being let go from her job, Kandis spent years telling herself “Something has to change.”


Kandis realized that by helping motivated business owners join her gang of Goal Getters (3G) and embrace an unshakable belief in themselves, they find a way to level up their lives through an enlightened approach to entrepreneurship.


Anything is possible.” is not just a saying.

Anything is possible!

It’s the 3G way.

You have to believe -- in yourself and in all the possibilities of what could be.

Start Marketing Smart is Kandis’ contribution to like-minded people who choose to live an above-average life.

SMS courses are designed to be actionable tools for members to learn business & mindset best practices and proven methods of business development and marketing.
Kandis and the SMS community of experienced entrepreneurs at her side will welcome you and show you how to become a successful entrepreneur and a contributing member of your community.