Start Marketing Smart (SMS) is for entrepreneurs or those who want to be to learn how to navigate business marketing basics.  There are courses and mentoring to help you truly master yourself and your next steps with business.

Start Marketing Smart is for those thinking about getting into business.  For those who have just started a business and don’t know where to go now. Or for those who have been in business for some time and want to find ways to expand or level up.  SMS is even for people who need to improve their mindset around entrepreneurship and move past their limiting beliefs.

Right now, the courses are in PDF form, online.  Which means you will have to read the information in order to understand it. 

The courses live on my learning management system FreshLMS, that is where you will log in, view and interact with all course materials.

You can also download and print or simply view them online.

Thanks for asking!  I'm doing the best I can, with that some things are integrated differently then you may be used to. 

My learning management system has a cart included in it's software.  When you choose to join SMS you get access through that system.

All prices are in ($) USD.

When you enroll in a course your information is transmitted via the secured methods used by our payment processors.  We proudly use Stripe and PayPal so you can be assured you information is SAFE.

Of course you can!  However...

The ONLY way to get a refund is within 7 days of purchase

I will provide you with a FULLREFUND if you request one within 7 days of buying any course. 

Note: I will only refund you for one (1) course if you meet the qualifications for a refund. 

There will not be multiple refunds for multiple courses bought. 

SMS is all about making business a easier!

Please send us an email to: and we will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

Since we do receive a large number of emails, help us understand better. 

Please include all necessary details related to the issue you are having in your email. 

And let us know how you want to be contacted.

Good question! The answers can be found in several of my videos on my channel on YouTube.

Check out my thoughts on that here.