Beginner's BluPrint Course

The Small Business Owners Bible to Igniting Their Passion, Building a Rock-Solid Business Foundation & Growing Profitably Online


Learn proven, step-by-step strategies on how you can grow your business and become more profitable, all in less than a weeks time!



"I’m so grateful for Kandis’ SMS course!  I’ve read so much content online, but everyone seems to be saying something different!
Kandis breaks everything down in a clear and understandable way which makes it easy to digest and follow along to.
Since completing the Beginner's BluPrint course, I’ve been able to start making sales online because I now understand some incredibly important things about my business I had no clue about before!!
I can’t WAIT to see how the rest of the year goes!"

Melissa A. - Austin, TX



The hard truth is this: ANYONE can get into business, but most simply don’t succeed...

In fact, statistics show that less than 5% of business owners make it past the 5 year mark, but you probably already knew that.


They spend years on end struggling, jumping from one product or service to the next making no real traction.


Sound familiar?

If you’ve ever…


  • Failed to consistently and reliably attract and convert clients for your business
  • Launched a campaign only to find that it didn’t produce the results you expected
  • Felt like your ads aren’t getting the engagement they should found your ad costs started to increase but you’re not sure why
  • Wished you knew the formula on how businesses consistently generate profitable results through their advertising…

Then the Beginners BluPrint course is for YOU!

I’ll let you in on a little secret…

The #1 problem most business owners make when they approach their marketing isn’t their ads or their website.

Just as a house can’t be built on sand...a business can’t be built on a weak foundation.

And the reason why SMS students love this course is because it helps them take a few steps back and work on the crucial building-blocks their business is built upon.

After nearly a decade of working with small business owners I’ve found most of them haven’t truly taken the time to clarify the REAL reasons they’re failing...

  1. They haven’t clearly defined WHY they’re in business
  2. They haven’t taken time to establish the true benefits of their product or service and position them in a way that creates a magnetic desire to buy
  3. They haven’t developed the clarity on how their product or service will change someone's life
  4. Their product or service is generic and they haven’t defined a clear USP or "Unique Selling Proposition" which will give them an edge in the market
  5. They haven’t learned how to build trust with their customers through a method I call “Getting Negative to Prove Positive”


It’s no wonder why most of them feel like they’re in a state of chaos, confused and wondering whether it’s all even really worth it…


Want CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY on what’s actually important?

Start Marketing Smart's Beginner’s BluPrint is broken down into 5 easy to follow Modules that you can plug into anytime, anywhere.
Follow it at your own pace with the help of me, your marketing guide.

You’ll also receive support from other business owners going through the same journey which will help supercharge your learning curve along the way!


Module 1. Stoking Your Fire & Discovering Your WHY

Right now, you might be stuck in a job you hate...
Or possibly even worse...wondering whether you’re actually cut out for this whole “entrepreneurship” thing..
There’s a proven method on how to discover your WHY and we’ll dive deep together to help you find it.

And there’s an important reason WHY we start with this...
You’ve probably heard the saying “If you’re WHY doesn’t make you CRY, it’s not strong enough.”


For your business to truly succeed you’re going to…

Work harder than you ever have before, sacrificing your evenings, weekends and holidays to make sure the machine is operating smoothly and your customers aren’t upset

Put more time into mastering a specific craft then you ever have before,
But hey, that’s what it’s all about. Make the sacrifices NOW, so you can enjoy the benefits later.


Module 2: Separating Functions From Benefits - Learn The Foundation Upon

Magnetism in marketing is one of the most common misunderstandings business owners have.  

Distinguishing the difference between benefits and features.

Features are the ATTRIBUTES of a product or service. The dimensions or specs and so on.

Benefits are the END RESULT or EXPERIENCE the buyer gains as a result of using the product.

Notice now, every successful commercial you see on TV...screams the benefits of the product or service they’re selling?

Not to say features aren’t important, but the REASON that people buy anything are because of the benefits.

Focus your ad copy and marketing materials on the BENEFITS your customer and you'll notice a difference!


Module 3: Positively Perfect: Removing the Guesswork

One of the most effective ways of marketing your product or service is by showing your potential customers how it seamlessly integrates into their life...and makes it better!

In this module you’ll discover how to dive deep into your product's benefits and learn how to convert simple benefits into transforming lifestyle improvements.

Which makes your product or service become infinitely more desirable!


Module 4: Defining Your "Unique Selling Proposition" USP - Why Should They BuyFrom YOU?

A strong, instantly recognizable USP can make or break your business…
Have you ever been shopping for something and felt stuck deciding between two seemingly similar products?

While you may not recognize it’ll eventually buy one over the other because of its USP.

The best USP’s directly address specific needs experienced by a company’s ideal customer.

So then, how do you create a rock-solid USP that’ll build a secure MOAT around your business and allow you to stand out from the competition?

You’ll learn how in this mod!


Module 5: - Getting Negative To Prove Positive - Trust Me, You NEED This!

One of the biggest mistakes I see new entrepreneurs make when it comes to marketing their business is being overly focused on all the positive things about their product or service while completely ignoring the rest.

They’ve “drunken their own Kool-Aid” so to speak…

In this module, you’ll discover how to instantly build trust and credibility with your prospects by being up-front and clear about what your product and service IS and what it is NOT.

This module will help you save thousands of dollars in the long run and help you maintain a great reputation.




Ready To Get Started?


The Start Marketing Smart Beginner’s BluPrint will bring light to your business and put you on path if...


  • You feel like you’ve been confused and struggling in your business and just don’t know what the next right step is
  • Worried if whether entrepreneurship is really right for you
  • Have tried other courses, but haven’t received the proper one-on-one coaching and consultation from an experienced coach with proven results
  • Want to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur, but feel lost in a sea of information and don’t know where to start Feel “stuck” in your business.
  • Things are going OK, but you know they could be doing MUCH better if you had the right coach or strategist to guide you by your side



Feeling excited? I know I am!
Join hundreds of other SMS students and discover time-tested and proven methods to help you become a Rockstar in your business and make 2021 your best year ever!
Start Marketing Smart today.